So, Summer always seems to be our craziest time.  The weather has been unusually warm in Western Washington and we're taking advantage.  We've been crazy busy every weekend with camping, fishing, crabbing, BBQing and basically just enjoying the great weather and our wonderful friends and family.  We've been sneaking in work on our property and some honey harvesting when we have little bits of time, or even if we don't.  Sleep is kind of scarce these days, but it's definitely worth it. 
We're all about fresh and local around here.
So, as is quite clear, my Country Mouse projects have slipped to the back burner while I enjoy my beautiful life with friends and family.  We did, however, manage to hit up an estate auction this weekend.  The boys spent way more than me which is quite unusual and allowed for some teasing from me, when usually it's the other way around.  I did grab this handmade antique chair for $20 that I'm mildly obsessed with.  I can't wait to recover it with some funky fabric.  I see an entire dining room reupholstery project in my future.  
So, as my busy Summer continues I'll look forward to more time for Country Mousing when the Washington days and nights turn cool and rainy.  But until then, I hope you're all enjoying the beauty that surrounds us as much as I am.  
So, 6 months ago (it feels like years) my best friend moved to Maryland. It's been a tough transition and all I can say is thank goodness for technology. Text messaging, photo messages and Facebook are a life saver. But, even with all that technology, nothing comes close to seeing her face to face, giving her a hug and laughing uncontrollably at some random shenanigans we get ourselves into.

Since moving to the big MD she has started her own business, City Mouse Vintage Designs. Check out her web page ( cause she's awesome! This last weekend was her first show, so I decided to fly in and surprise her. The Country Mouse cannot miss the City Mouse's first show! That would be unthinkable!

So, long story short, I find myself navigating my tiny tin can of a rental car through a monsoon/tornado warning to get myself out of Washington DC and to the City Mouse farm called Brinkwood. The fact that I kept going after hydroplaning (not just once) on some strange highway in Maryland at midnight just shows my dedication to this wonderful lady. She's seriously everything you hope a sister would be and I love her to pieces.

I arrived safely, she was shocked and so we began our whirlwind weekend.

I prefer to tell my stories in pictures, so, here they are.....
Foot warmer, Beatrice, at Brinkwood
Morning view out my window
City Mouse
City Mouse treasures
Country Mouse and City Mouse
First sale :)
Boots in the sun
Seafood feast celebration
Strolling around Brinkwood
Maddie enjoying the Spring afternoon
Barn wood goodness
Bassets at sunset
Honey from my hubby's bees in the sunlight
Love this farm dog
Hounds in all their glory
Inspiration shopping
Visit with Shamus, the soon-to-be Brinkwood's fainting goat
Overall, an amazing and fun packed weekend. What's better than your BFF, laughing and picking?! I wasn't ready to leave and I can't wait to go back.

Good thing she's flying in for my first show at the beginning of May. Check out the events page to get the details of the Country Chicks show on 3-4 May and come visit us at our booth.

The sun is shining in my window and I'm one happy Country Mouse.
So, I've been known to have a bit of an eBay addiction periodically. It's weird. I go through bits of time where I've constantly got a watch/bid list going and then it's like I forget how awesome it is and don't even visit the site for months at a time.

Right now I'm going through an ovsessive eBay stage and my watch list is full of cowboy boots, naturally. Something about that bidding/gambling/potentially getting a bargain just makes me happy.

Well, now that I've experienced an in -person auction we've got a whole different problem on out hands. The excitement, the competition, the smell of fresh junk in the's intoxicating.

This last weekend 7 of us loaded up into various vehicles and headed to a local retirement auction. You could feel the excitement in the air the moment you got out of the car.

My hubby and his friends started to get worried when they saw the frantic excitement in the eyes of my mother-in-law and I. Their eyes started to reflect some worry of "how are we going to control this" mixed with just a little bit of fear.

At some point that fear turned to amusement as they watched us bargain and bid our way through the treasures. It may have been when I was mid-conversation and totally abandoned them to jump through the crowd with my number in the air to win.......
A Jeep Willy grill. I mean seriously, how awesome is that?!

The hubby and his friends got some practical stuff for the house and crabbing. And I did get a fire pit that I've been coveting for over a year to add to our outdoor BBQ area. But really, we all really want to know about the trash to treasure items I scored. So, here they are.

Cute little carved magazine table.
Gotta love enamel pots. This one came with a super cool glass jar/container that'll be gong up for sale as well.
Ridiculously awesome cabinet/desk thing that we heard the lady's father did his book work on.
And, one of my favorites of the day. 1940s adding machine that was used on the previous desk by the lady's father.
We got bunches of other treasures including cast iron, wooden boxes and a ton of wood framed chicken wire for the Country Mouse booth.

All in all we filled two full sized trucks and my Yukon for the trip home. So much fun with family and friends. I can hardly wait for my next auction "fix".

Happy treasure hunting!
So, one of the joys of living on our beautiful peninsula is that you have to deal with bridge closures due to marine traffic. This particular closure was due to a sub coming home.

I decided to use the time editing a few photos. Then I noticed two cars pulled over to the side with two ladies and several small children jumping out. Then then proceeded to stand by the side of the road. I couldn't figure out what they were doing until one if them shouted "there it is!" Followed my several "hi, daddy" and a lot of frantic hugging and waving. Their daddy/husband is home. Seriously made a huge lump in my throat.

For once I'm not the least bit annoyed to be waiting in this line of traffic on a Friday afternoon.

And, I am getting a few photos edited. So, here's a peek at some if the inventory to be at the Country Chicks show in May.

Ridiculous amounts of glassware. Ginger jars, teacups, plates, teapots, etc.
Perfect sized cabinet.
Coral side table.
Gray and cream wall cabinet.
Turquoise bow shelf.
Little piggie.
More to come but traffic is moving and so must I. Happy Friday, everyone!

Country Mouse Pets

Huntin' Dog Frank
Lily Belle
Funky Chickens
Honey Bees

Junkin' Buddies

Country Mouse (Left) and Boondoggie Farms/City Mouse (Right)
The Barefoot Seamstress (left) and The Picket Fence (Right)

Random Happiness

Cowboy Boots
Car Full of Pickin' Treasures
Hubby and Best Friend