So, I've been known to have a bit of an eBay addiction periodically. It's weird. I go through bits of time where I've constantly got a watch/bid list going and then it's like I forget how awesome it is and don't even visit the site for months at a time.

Right now I'm going through an ovsessive eBay stage and my watch list is full of cowboy boots, naturally. Something about that bidding/gambling/potentially getting a bargain just makes me happy.

Well, now that I've experienced an in -person auction we've got a whole different problem on out hands. The excitement, the competition, the smell of fresh junk in the's intoxicating.

This last weekend 7 of us loaded up into various vehicles and headed to a local retirement auction. You could feel the excitement in the air the moment you got out of the car.

My hubby and his friends started to get worried when they saw the frantic excitement in the eyes of my mother-in-law and I. Their eyes started to reflect some worry of "how are we going to control this" mixed with just a little bit of fear.

At some point that fear turned to amusement as they watched us bargain and bid our way through the treasures. It may have been when I was mid-conversation and totally abandoned them to jump through the crowd with my number in the air to win.......
A Jeep Willy grill. I mean seriously, how awesome is that?!

The hubby and his friends got some practical stuff for the house and crabbing. And I did get a fire pit that I've been coveting for over a year to add to our outdoor BBQ area. But really, we all really want to know about the trash to treasure items I scored. So, here they are.

Cute little carved magazine table.
Gotta love enamel pots. This one came with a super cool glass jar/container that'll be gong up for sale as well.
Ridiculously awesome cabinet/desk thing that we heard the lady's father did his book work on.
And, one of my favorites of the day. 1940s adding machine that was used on the previous desk by the lady's father.
We got bunches of other treasures including cast iron, wooden boxes and a ton of wood framed chicken wire for the Country Mouse booth.

All in all we filled two full sized trucks and my Yukon for the trip home. So much fun with family and friends. I can hardly wait for my next auction "fix".

Happy treasure hunting!
2/11/2023 08:50:30 am

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