So, one of the joys of living on our beautiful peninsula is that you have to deal with bridge closures due to marine traffic. This particular closure was due to a sub coming home.

I decided to use the time editing a few photos. Then I noticed two cars pulled over to the side with two ladies and several small children jumping out. Then then proceeded to stand by the side of the road. I couldn't figure out what they were doing until one if them shouted "there it is!" Followed my several "hi, daddy" and a lot of frantic hugging and waving. Their daddy/husband is home. Seriously made a huge lump in my throat.

For once I'm not the least bit annoyed to be waiting in this line of traffic on a Friday afternoon.

And, I am getting a few photos edited. So, here's a peek at some if the inventory to be at the Country Chicks show in May.

Ridiculous amounts of glassware. Ginger jars, teacups, plates, teapots, etc.
Perfect sized cabinet.
Coral side table.
Gray and cream wall cabinet.
Turquoise bow shelf.
Little piggie.
More to come but traffic is moving and so must I. Happy Friday, everyone!
4/9/2013 02:22:49 pm

it all looks great Claud
it reminds me of my days of collecting and painting every thing
so much fun

4/10/2013 02:58:44 am

Thanks, Naw!


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