So, Summer always seems to be our craziest time.  The weather has been unusually warm in Western Washington and we're taking advantage.  We've been crazy busy every weekend with camping, fishing, crabbing, BBQing and basically just enjoying the great weather and our wonderful friends and family.  We've been sneaking in work on our property and some honey harvesting when we have little bits of time, or even if we don't.  Sleep is kind of scarce these days, but it's definitely worth it. 
We're all about fresh and local around here.
So, as is quite clear, my Country Mouse projects have slipped to the back burner while I enjoy my beautiful life with friends and family.  We did, however, manage to hit up an estate auction this weekend.  The boys spent way more than me which is quite unusual and allowed for some teasing from me, when usually it's the other way around.  I did grab this handmade antique chair for $20 that I'm mildly obsessed with.  I can't wait to recover it with some funky fabric.  I see an entire dining room reupholstery project in my future.  
So, as my busy Summer continues I'll look forward to more time for Country Mousing when the Washington days and nights turn cool and rainy.  But until then, I hope you're all enjoying the beauty that surrounds us as much as I am.